Board News February 2012

The Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, Wednesday January 25, 2012

Al reported he has applied for a dissemination grant which will fund further development of HCCS project based-learning practices as well as provide an opportunity to share our approach with the greater educational community by providing training and mentorship to other schools.   This would be a two year grant of one-hundred thousand dollars per year to start March 2012.  Al hopes to hear soon if HCCS was chosen.

The enrollment meetings were very successful with about 140 applications given out over the two meetings.

The Finance Committee approved a $400 mini-grant to Bill Van Loo to support his participation in the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association national conference.   Bill was part of the conference planning committee.    They also approved a $1000 grant to Cindy Wauer to support a middle school trip to see a production of Eureka, a performance about how math affects our world.

The Outreach Committee has successfully launched the new web site.

The Fund Development Committee is actively working on obtaining a separate 501(c) status to help coordinate and increase the schools fundraising ability.   The committee is seeking additional volunteers, including parents and teachers, to share their ideas to make this transition seamless and successful.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday February 9th at 5:30 in the conference room by Al’s office.

The Strategic Planning Committee will present their report to the board for approval at the February meeting.

The Governance Committee continues to work on finalizing the Director Evaluation.

The Board will meet next on February 15th, 2012 at 5:30 pm in the Pit.  The meeting minutes are available for review on the HCCS web site.


Kelly Krawcke, Secretary


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