Academic Service Learning February 2012


Our Martin Luther King Day assembly was a big hit!  We were fortunate to have three different speakers present from three different forums–Skype, through a letter and in person.  Our three guests brought words of hope and inspiration and left many students feeling reflective.  It opened up some important conversations.  Hopefully many of you were able to participate in MLK activities or acts of service.  I would love to share some of these experiences.  Please e-mail me jthompson@hc.wash.k12.mi.us with any stories you would like to share!

With this beautiful weather comes a terrific opportunity to spend time outside and encourage your children to practice acts of service!  Take a walk in the park and pick up debris left behind, go for a walk in your community and identify areas and/or people who might need extra help shoveling when the snow does hit, be creative and take advantage of this time to be outside without the weight of all the winter gear!

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