Physical Education update for January, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful break! 2012 is a new year and now is the time to get motivated to live healthy! We will continue to work with that in mind during PE/Swim, where we are learning how to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Honey Creek swimmers have been doing a phenomenal job in the pool, working very hard and becoming very strong! Upcoming, in January, swimmers will be focusing on the side stroke in addition to all other strokes they have been working on this year.

PE has been fun this month, with the older classes learning a new game called Rookie Rugby, and the younger classes focusing on movement concepts. In January, younger grades will focus on manipulative skills while older grades focus on creating their own movement sequences in small groups.

Please come check out a fabulous slide show at the Curriculum Celebration on January 13th. There are many pictures of what your child has been up to in PE and Swim classes.

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