MS Math update for January, 2012

We return to school with most of the projects completed and ready for Curriculum Celebration on Friday, January 13! Good work, kids. A new semester begins this month with an even more productive pace anticipated.

In Course 1 we will continue our work with fractions, this time reviewing, learning, and mastering the four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) with fractions and mixed numbers.

Course 2 will be getting an introduction into functions, as well as exploring patterns as they relate to functions.

In Course 3 we are trying out a new project… and math video. The kids will be asked to choose a problem and film a creative video of it’s solution. Which reminds me… I may be asking for a volunteer judge or two.

In Algebra we are really getting deep into linear functions; learning all the “forms,” you remember Ax + By = C; y = mx + b; y – y₁ = m(x – x₁); etc.

Isn’t math great!?

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