MS Language Arts update for January, 2012

Through the month of December, we held our first literature circle groups both online and in person. Students were able to choose between one of two books about Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge. While many students chose to read Alive in the Killing Fields by Nawuth Keat, quite a few read The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho. Great discussions took place about overcoming adversity as well as survival and loyalty. It was a great round of discussion! Also, thanks to the generous donations from parents, we were able to reduce the cost of the books from over $1000 to just under $200. Thanks, as well, goes to Nicola’s Bookstore for providing her educator discount to the parents purchasing books for the school.

As we move into January, we are finishing up our written memoirs, and will be starting on our biography project. Each student will choose a biography to read, and students will be doing multi-genre projects based on the person they have studied. The multi-genre projects we did last year were fascinating, and I am excited to see these as well!

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