Middle Elementary update for January, 2012

We hope we’ll see all our families at our Curriculum Celebration on Friday, January 13th. Please make sure you are checking Mary, Tammy and Salli’s blogs each week as this is where you will get the most up-to-date information for each classroom.

This month, we will finish our playground projects. Students will have built their model playgrounds, keeping in mind the needs of the different communities in our building (social studies). On the playground, all students were required to have different landforms and to consider how these impact the human-made structures (science). Many measurements will be made at the end of our planning and during the building of the structures (math). After reading about communities in general, students will write and put together a nonfiction article about their playgrounds with multiple text features (language arts).

Along with the measurements on our playgrounds, we will also start doing more geometry and fractions in math. Math skill groups will start back up in mid- January.

Once the Curriculum Celebration is over and the playground models are sent home, we will continue to work within this theme. One of the 2nd and 3rd grade requirements in social studies is to have students identify and write about a public issue in the local community. A requirement in the English language arts is to have students write a persuasive essay or letter. We will be combining these and having students identify a problem with our current playground, create a solution and write a persuasive piece addressing why their solution makes good sense. It is not likely that huge, structural changes will happen on our playground, but we do want students to start to see how they can be a part of changing things to benefit all members in a community.

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