Media Center update for January, 2012

We’ve been busy here, keeping up with Middle School students’ research projects, voracious readers, and cataloging new books! The collection continues to grow with items needed to support our curriculum, and with pleasure reading for students across the grade levels.

We now have six computers available for research, and they are very well used. Students are finding the Media Center’s home page helpful as they do projects; books, databases of articles and eBooks, and web site advice get them started in a one-stop-shop fashion. We continue to add web sites both to our home page and in our catalog, where they can be looked up by subject, just like books.

Since we have more students eager to work on research projects and homework during recess, we have slightly changed our procedure for that time. Students who intend to read or do work are asked to get a pass in the morning from their base class teacher. Passes are given to Marion when they come in. Our talkers and hangers-out now have their space in the cafeteria, where noise and distraction don’t matter.

Please remember that the Media Center is grateful for donations of books. We keep a wish-list on Amazon.com for those items we could especially use for curriculum support. To make finding this list easy, we’ve included a link on the Media Center’s home page to it, found near the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone who supports the Honey Creek Media Center! We appreciate you! Here’s to a happy New Year! -Marion

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