Physical Education update for December, 2011

We just finished a pickleball unit with the upper grades and locomotor skills unit with the lower grades. In December, the upper grades will be learning a game called “rookie rugby”. This game allows students to learn and participate in the game of rugby without player to player contact. You can look up more info at www.rookierugby.com. The lower grade levels will be playing games that focus on movement concepts (space awareness, effort and relationships).

In swimming the upper grades learned a new game called Steal the Bacon and have been focusing on their breast stroke. They will continue to do so throughout December, in addition to their front and back stroke and elementary back stroke. The younger grade levels worked on surface diving and added in the frog kick. They are also continuing to show improvement in all strokes and are becoming stronger swimmers throughout the course of the year.

If you have any swimsuits to donate (specifically female suits) or towels, we are in need. Please drop them by my office at any time. Thanks!

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