Language Arts update for November, 2011

As we make our way in to November, we will begin to wrap up our genre study of poetry, and start our first book club study of the year. We have read many different poems, both written by middle school students, as well as the pros, and have examined features such as “the power of I,” using line breaks and stanzas, as well as “beginning inside.” While identifying these characteristics in good poetry, students are trying them out in their own writing.

Our first book club of the year will involve two different books relating to Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge. This book club will be running the same time as students start to study Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge in Social Studies. It is so exciting when there are connections between classes, and I am again looking forward to seeing the ways the study of history can inform our reading of literature.

We have continued to use moodle this year, and students have been participating in weekly posts regarding their independent reading. Starting this week, we will also start using Google Sites for electronic portfolios. Not only are we using less paper, but we are better utilizing technology to communicate.

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