This Week After School:

The schedule of after school activities for the week of February 26th-March 2nd, 2018 is attached and is available here:


Please note the following changes to the regular programming for this week:
  • Girl Scouts 4/5 DOES meet on Friday, March 2nd.

The following clubs are open for registration:

Please stay tuned for information on the following clubs:

  • Skateboarding (K-8, Spring)
  • Art
  • Music Lessons
  • Field Hockey Clinics (W, 4-8 in March)
The following clubs are FULL (you may submit the registration WITHOUT payment to be added to the waitlist):
  • Aerial Silks (M)

You can also find club information here:


Please stay tuned for more information on other upcoming clubs.  In the meantime, be sure to complete your online paperwork and register for after care.  If you have already submitted your online after care paperwork and need to make any changes from this point onward, please do so by emailing us at afterschool@hc.wash.k12.mi.us.

Also, please look ahead at your after care needs for the remainder of the year.  We need 30-day written notice to change any prearranged pre-registered care.

Remember: September 30th was the deadline to register and receive the $10 early enrollment fee.  It had increased to $20 until December 31st, and is now $25.  

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