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Aerial Silks

DESCRIPTION: Learn the basics of aerial silks, from how to climb to how to drop – SAFELY! Classes will begin with warm-up and stretching, followed by intro to new techniques and review of old ones. Students should already be in reasonably good shape and free from injuries, and MUST be able and willing to follow the instructor’s directions in order to stay safe.
MEET THE INSTRUCTOR: Diane Miller Barbeau has been performing and teaching aerial silks for the past five years. Her performance credits include the Bay City Tall Ships Celebration, the Midwest Highland Games, the Hastings St Ballroom in Detroit, Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, as well as at corporate and private events. She currently offers classes and private instruction at her Ann Arbor location, Ringstar Studio: http://a2ringstar.com/

Wardrobe: Students should wear clothes that are form fitting or close to it, as loose, baggy clothing can get caught in the silks. Clothes should cover the knees, hips, and underarms. Students who choose to wear tights should make sure that they are footless tights, not footed and NOT convertible. Long hair should be restrained in a bun or pony tail and students should refrain from wearing any jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, etc. Silks are practiced barefoot so there is no need for special shoes or socks.

Snack: Bring a small, healthy snack (fruit), & avoid snacks with lots of processed sugar or that will make you sleepy.

WHO: Students in grades 4th-8th (minimum class size of 4; maximum class size of 6)
QUESTIONS: Contact Diane Miller at diane@a2ringstar.com

Registration: SilksReg20182019

Black Belt Academy

DESCRIPTION: Honey Creek After School Karate for 6-12 age group, will teach your child how to act and react positively in many situations. Our positive approach to teaching will help some children to channel aggression while encouraging others to be more assertive. Through their training, children can expect to get regular exercise, improve coordination and motor skills, while learning effective self-defense skills and non-violent problem solving techniques. Children reach higher levels of academic achievement, develop good manners, and learn the value of respect. Students come away from each class feeling better everyday while developing a positive self-image that branches into all areas of their life!

WHEN: Wednesdays 3:15-4:15pm

INFORMATION: bbafall2016

WAIVER: Waiver-4


DESCRIPTION:  Students will spend half the class receiving chess instruction, and then they will play each other while the instructors observe and offer constructive feedback.  The class will meet on Thursdays.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Garrison is one of Michigan’s top 100 rated tournament chess players.  He is also ranked #1 overall game player at www.littlegolem.net, a leading thinking games website.  Mr. Garrison began teaching chess to children in 1996.  His teams consistently win state championships. You may contact Mr. Garrison at raygarrison@arborchess.com or call 734-945-5951.



Honey Creek After School Programs present: Italian Language Classes on Tuesdays

4:15pm –  5:45pm at Honey Creek: Cuccioli, Juniors 1 and Juniors 2

Classes for native speaking students

For Italian expatriates living in Michigan this is an opportunity for their children to continue learning Italian from native Italians.
All Dante Alighieri Society instructors are native speakers with years of experience teaching Italian as a second language.

REGISTER AT: www.dantemichigan.org/education.htm ‐ Secure Payment Online with PayPal
For info: Arcobaleno@dantemichigan.org
Call us at: (248) 250-8928


Honey Creek has 2 LEGO League teams that will be designing, building, and competing with LEGO robotics. Our team name is the Honey Creek Legomaniacs.

Our Junior FIRST LEGO League team is for students in grades 1-3 (ages 6-9). This team can have a maximum of 6 members.

Our FIRST LEGO League team is for grades 4-8 (ages 9-14). This team can have a maximum of 10 members.

The team competes in 3 areas: the Project (a research project related to the theme), the Game (the Lego robotics part), and Teamwork (team-building/communication activities). Our team will then compete in a regional tournament to see how we stack up against other area teams! In past years, the FLL tournament has been in Monroe, and the JrFLL tournament is also in the metro Detroit area.

This will be a fast-paced experience – we have approximately 9 weeks to go from scratch to our qualifying tournament! If your student is interested, make sure you and they are both prepared to make a time investment and work hard as part of a team!

To register your student, please download the registration form from the address below, print it, and return it with payment to the mailbox of Bill Van Loo by Thursday, September 30.

REGISTRATION: email legomaniacs@honeycreekschool.org

This fee pays for our team’s registration and tournament fees, and will include a team T-shirt. Students must also be registered for Honey Creek Aftercare (separate registration fee applies; please contact Sue Hofbauer with questions – shofbauer@hc.wash.k12.mi.us).

Our team’s website is here:


Photos from previous teams can be seen here:


Scratch Programming

 DESCRIPTION:  Let your imagination guide you on a coding adventure! Create animated stories, interactive games, comics and more! Learn drag-and-drop programming with Scratch! Students may bring a non-messy, healthy snack.

MEET THE INSTRUCTOR:  Jess PSimer graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2008, and has been Honey Creek’s Technology teacher since 2014. She has been using and teaching with Scratch since 2011, and has led several after school and summer coding clubs.

WHEN: Mondays from 3:15-4:30pm from 1/23-3/27/2017
WHO: Students in 4th-8th grade. Minimum of 5 students, maximum of 16.
COST: $100/student for 10 weeks. Make checks payable to “HCCS.”
ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Jessica at jpsimer@hc.wash.k12.mi.us



The After School Programs of Honey Creek Community School present Swim Lessons

Water Safety Instructors Kim Braun is offering 30-minute swim lessons on Tuesday afternoons. Small, flexible groups allow for individualized instruction which increases in difficulty as students improve their skills and show readiness for more challenge. Individual lesson times may change as students’ skill levels change. Students should be prepared to stay until 5:30pm on days of their lessons.

CANCELLATIONS: If the pool is closed or the instructor must cancel a session, we will hold make-up classes. If we cannot make up all the sessions, then we will reimburse you. HOWEVER, reimbursements will NOT be made if a student misses a class and we run out of opportunities to make it up.



DESCRIPTION: Skateboarding is a unique athletic activity that can be described both as a sport and an art. This class will focus on the basics of skateboarding: pushing, turning, ollies (jumping and bringing the board into the air with you), and how to fall safely (very important). More advanced instruction is available to students who are beyond beginners. Skateboarding emphasizes perseverance, determination, patience, spatial awareness, balance, coordination, core strength, cooperation, and (once the student has grasped the basics) creativity. Students will subconsciously learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion. They will become comfortable facing their fears on a board, which will translate into facing other fears more comfortably. Student self-esteem is sure to soar as they advance on their board.

MEET THE INSTRUCTOR: Max Davis has 16 years of skateboarding experience and has instructed over 20 students since June 2014 when the Ann Arbor Skatepark opened. He loves working with children and getting them excited about skateboarding; and can’t think of anything he’d rather do than share his passion with younger generations.


Equipment Purchasing Guide & Coupons:skateboardinfocoupon

Theatre II

Honey Creek After School Programs Present… Theatre II

Due to a record number of students auditioning for Honey Creek Theatre this year, we are happy to offer a second theatre group!

MEET THE INSTRUCTOR: Jeannie Crayne- Jeannie is our 2/3 teacher with many years of theatre experience. Her theater groups focus on gaining confidence, and learning how to improve stage performances. Over the years Jeannie has worked with our students K-8. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to add an additional theater season this year.

WHEN: Thursdays from 3:15-4:30, January 19- April 13th. Performance date TBD

WHO: Students in grades 4th-8th
COST: $80.00 per student for the 10 sessions. Please make checks payable to “HCCS.”

ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Jeannie at jcrayne@hc.wash.k12.mi.us

Space is limited. All registration forms must be completed and returned to the After School “IN BOX” prior to your first session.


Spanish Immersion


Flag Football




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