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Thank You Michigan Youth Arts!

I was award a grant from the Michigan Youth Arts which allowed me to purchase extra supplies. The goal was to use art in a cross-curriculum format. Yardsticks and other drafting tools were used to show that math can be used in art. Drawing boards have been used to take the students outside to observe […]

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Happy New Year!

I am very excited and nervous for my first Curriculum Celebration as the new art teacher. I plan on having artwork displayed in the hallways. In the gym there will also be a table with artwork to take home. The hallways will be alive with art. The k/1 and 2/3 classes have been busy with […]

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Art News- February 2017

It was wonderful to meet many families on curriculum night. I hope you enjoyed the awesome art made by your kids. I am always impressed with their work especially when it is on display. Here’s what’s going on now: K-1 art: We are just starting to work with weaving. The K-1’s did a great job […]

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Art News- January 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year is upon us and it is time to get back into the swing of making art but not before we show off what we have been working on in the 1st half of the year!  Please stop by the Honey Creek Art Show this January at the Curriculum Celebration on […]

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Art News – December 2016

Have you seen Honey Creek’s Artsonia page? Click on the link and you can get a look at some things we have have been working on so far this school year. Artsonia is a wonderful resource for viewing and sharing your students online portfolio. You can also purchase unique gifts featuring your child’s artwork. Funds […]

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Art News- November 2016

Each day we are greeted the cool crisp air of the changing seasons as we watch the world turn from summer to fall. K/1’s are learning more about color as they move from primary colors to secondary colors. There is no better time than Fall to explore green, orange and purple! We looked at a […]

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Art News – October 2016

We are back into the swing of creative thinking here in art class! Our overall theme for this year’s class is Don’t Worry, Be Happy!  You may recognize it by the Bobby McFerrin Song of the same title. This book features art by Alexander Calder and lyrics by McFerrin.  We discussed how sometimes kids and […]

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Honey Creek Art

Wow! It’s almost summer! It has been so much fun teaching art at Honey Creek since December. Here is what we have been doing…… After looking at Anish Kapoor’s Millennium Park sculpture, Cloud Gate, better known as ‘The Bean’, K-1’s created unique collages and/or mini-sculptures using foil and photos of clouds. Each student came up […]

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