Happy New Year!

I am very excited and nervous for my first Curriculum Celebration as the new art teacher. I plan on having artwork displayed in the hallways. In the gym there will also be a table with artwork to take home.
The hallways will be alive with art.

The k/1 and 2/3 classes have been busy with watercolors. I am proud of all the wonderful work they have made these last two months.

4/5s have been working on a project based on the work of Paul Klee. You will see paintings with geometric shapes and bright colors.

Middle school students have viewed the work of Chuck Close and learned how to enlarge a photo of themselves by using a grid. They had to add at least six colors in each square to finish the project. The end results were some very creative drawings.

I will also have more information on artsonia.com and samples of the products sold on their website. They give 20% of proceeds to the school. I look forward to seeing all of you at Curriculum Celebration!


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