I am thrilled to have joined the staff as the new art teacher. I received a Masters of Art from Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in Sculpture and Jewelry. I am looking forward to bringing these skills to our students.

Students have known me as an Instructional Assistant in Alexa’s classroom, an After School Teacher, a Lunchroom Helper, and a Substitute teacher. Many students were surprised to learn that I am also an Artist. I am enjoying the opportunity to learn with them in my new role in their school lives.

I have been working hard to take photos of student work to post on the art website called Artsonia. This website allows you to view and purchase your child’s artwork on mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, and other merchandise. It’s also a great way to share your child’s artwork with relatives. They work hard to keep your child’s information private and also give the school 15% from every purchase. This year I was able to buy picture books about various artists to enhance lessons with K-1s and 2-3s.
The website is www.artsonia.com. I will be sending home permission forms with classroom teachers. Please read them over and consider granting permission in order to support our art program!


I have been keeping the K-1s busy… or should I say they have been keeping me busy! Every project I have given them, they work hard to finish during class. We have read stories about Matisse, Kandinsky, and Leaf Man.

The first project we worked on was drawing to music. It was a fun way to introduce the kids to me as the new art teacher. We listened to some jazz music which included Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald. They drew and painted to the music. It was a blast!

One of the projects we’ve done so far is leaf drawings. We talked about different kinds of lines and the kids worked carefully to paint black outlines on their leaves. You’ll find some of their work posted in the B wing hallway.


The kids have been learning about new lines and the resisting power of waxy crayons to watercolors. We read a story about Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night. They made their own starry nights with crayons and watercolors. They cut out a silhouette of a landscape and pasted it to their night skies.


We looked at the work of Paul Klee. With their drafting skills they were able to create a town of geometric shapes. They used watercolors to paint their towns. We also talked about foreground, midground, and background in their paintings and how it creates the illusion of space.

Middle School

I introduced them to Plein Air painters. We then headed outside to paint landscapes with soft pastels. They have been taking their time and have created some really lovely landscape drawings.

Art Elective

The class has been working on two point perspective using words instead of buildings. They were also given the task of creating a self portrait focusing on something they loved about themselves using only scraps of paper.

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