Art News – May 2017

First I want to send out a special thank you to the HC community for the many awesome donations that I have found at my door lately. Your support for the art program is much appreciated! Please come to the curriculum celebration on May 19th to see all of the amazing artwork your students have been working on. Now here’s what’s happening in art….

k-1’s have been making a series of creative projects inspired by books! We read books by visual artists who illustrated and wrote the stories too.  We learned about Harriet Tubman through the art and words of artist Jacob Lawrence and also discovered how artist Faith Ringgold used to imagine that she could fly over the city when she was a young child growing up in New York City. We concluded our book/art series by reading Chris Raschka’s visual interpretation of John Coltrane’s musical composition called Giant Steps. The students really enjoyed making artwork using layered tissue paper and black paint to represent how artists, like musicians create layers when the create work.

Artwork by Tristan

2/3’s started out this semester by learning about the artist Kehinde Wiley.  He reinterprets historical Renaissance paintings of the European aristocracy and replaces the main figure with a contemporary African American man or woman. Our students were photographed posing like nobility and altered their own images using a variety of media.  You and your family can see the beautiful artwork of Kehinde Wiley at the nearby Toledo of Museum of Art until May 14th!

In 4th/5th grade art we used the field trip to UMMA as a jumping off point for an aerial collage /environmental project. A UMMA docent explained how L.A. artist, Mark Bradford used Google Maps to create large scale abstract ‘landscapes’ that were inspired by aerial maps of the city. During this unit we also learned about the artist Vik Muniz who constructed photographic images out of garbage and recycled materials at a landfill in Brazil. When photographed from the air these garbage constructions resembled pictures that Muniz took of impoverished workers who spent their days sorting through the garbage to retrieve salvageable material to earn money. You can watch a documentary about this project called Wasteland.

Artwork by Kairos

Middle School Artists in base class have been learning about color and photography. Students spent the last month learning about the properties of light and color in Jon’s science class and applied this knowledge to art class through a study of photographic composition and color theory. We concluded our photo unit by creating a digital collage.

Middle School Art Elective have spent this semester experiencing many different ways to apply their love for drawing. We have used pencils, pens, markers and even wax but overall the favorite project this year has been using calligraphy pens and brushes to experiment with both Eastern an Western styles of calligraphy. Students practiced writing with the pens and painting with the brushes. They created some beautiful artworks using image and text.

Please come and see all of these fantastic works on May 19th!


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