Art News- November 2016

Each day we are greeted the cool crisp air of the changing seasons as we watch the world turn from summer to fall. K/1’s are learning more about color as they move from primary colors to secondary colors. There is no better time than Fall to explore green, orange and purple! We looked at a variety of gourds, pumpkins and squashes and discussed the shape, color and textures that we observed. Once everyone had a chance to look, feel and even smell our Fall harvest, we created beautiful artworks using green, orange, and black oil pastel on purple paper. The results are lovely!

November brings a new dimension to art… the 3rd dimension! 2/3’s, 4/5’s and Middle School are all beginning 3D projects.

2/3’s have recently read the book “Mitt the Michigan Mouse” in their classrooms. We will begin making a clay mouse to compliment what they learned from reading the story.

4/5’s are celebrating November by learning about the Mexican holiday, Dia De Los Muertos! We will be making plaster masks inspired by the festive holiday.

Middle School students are just finishing up their human proportions drawings and will now have a chance to make a “mini” humans from polymer clay. We are sculpting a figure from this oven-baked clay which will be painted with acrylic paints.

Art Elective is continuing our exploration of light and shadow as we begin to make shadow puppets. We watched examples of shadow puppetry online including Chinese Shadow Puppet Theatre and Shadow Puppets made just with your hands and light. We will be making our own puppets and then collaborating on original shows written during class.


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