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Making art with our students at Honey Creek is a joy and a privilege. As always, if you have any questions regarding projects, how your student is doing in class, or about anything at all, please email me at

K/1 Art Classes

Over the last couple of weeks, K/1 Art students have been learning about collage. First, we read the story Perfect Square by Michael Hall. In this story, a perfect square is altered in a different way each IMG_5307day – crumpled, torn, hole-punched or cut into ribbons. When the various transformations take place, the square turns itself into different objects, like a bridge, fountain or park.

Inspired by the story, students started with a small square a large square. They used hole punchers, crafting scissors and paper crimpers to alter their smaller squares and attach the pieces in a new way to the larger square, making a collage.

The students enjoyed that so much that we made more collages the next week, with bigger paper and many more colored construction paper scraps available to them.

2/3 Art Classes

Art with the second and third graders has been a really exciting time this month. Students have made landscape sketches demonstrating their understanding of foreground, midground, background and horizon line. They have also mixed many colors of paint, using a combination of black, white, primary and secondary colors.

They have drawn landscapes on big paper, and are beginning to paint, using only the primary colors, white and black. With their understanding of color mixing, and the ability to ask their neighbors for help, they can paint midnight skies, sunny skies, fluffy clouds, and many varieties of bright, light, and dull green grasses. This is a long process that will probably continue through December, but I will post photos of artworks, as they begin to finish.

4/5 Art Classes

IMG_5193Our fourth and fifth grade students made really interesting collages, inspired by the abstract collages of Henri Matisse. Some students made representational images, of things like horses, action heros or camper trailers, while others made non-representational designs. Images are soon to come on Artsonia.

Since the wrap-up of the Matisse-inspired collages, the 4/5 Art students have done research on animals, especially regarding adaptations, like body parts, body coverings and behaviors. After reading a wonderful book, Mixed Beasts, by Kenyon Cox and Wallace Edwards, they are beginning to create their own mixed beasts. Ultimately, students will create tunnel books. By the end of the unit, they will have had an opportunity to use science, technology and language arts in the creation of their art project.

Middle School Base Art Classes

In the Middle School Base Art classes, students have begun learning how to draw using One Point Mathematical Perspective. We examined some artworks from the 1300s through the 1500s, seeing how they changed from before Mathematical Perspective was rediscovered and codified, to after. Students began exercises to practice one point perspective, and will eventually make a larger drawing to demonstrate the use of perspective.

Middle School Art Elective

Students in the Middle School Art Elective class recently finished creating recycled paper bowls from IMG_5147discarded magazines. Currently, they are currently making drawings featuring a blind contour drawing of the hand, with an Op Art background.

A blind contour drawing is one in which the artist looks carefully at the object they are drawing, but without ever looking at their paper. Some students find the blind contour drawing to be very frustrating, because the results can look a little strange; however, the process forces the artist to very carefully observe while drawing.

On a day that I was recently out, students used the Chromebooks to do research on Op Art, and to choose a method that they would like to use for their artwork. When I got back the next day, many of them already had a fantastic start.


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