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MS Art Update – November 2015

In the Middle School Base Art classes, students have begun learning how to draw using One Point Mathematical Perspective. We examined some artworks from the 1300s through the 1500s, seeing how they changed from before Mathematical Perspective was rediscovered and codified, to after. Students began exercises to practice one point perspective, and will eventually make a […]

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November 2015 News from Honey Creek Art

Making art with our students at Honey Creek is a joy and a privilege. As always, if you have any questions regarding projects, how your student is doing in class, or about anything at all, please email me at K/1 Art Classes Over the last couple of weeks, K/1 Art students have been learning about collage. […]

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K/1 Art Update – November 2015

Over the last couple of weeks, K/1 Art students have been learning about collage. First, we read the story Perfect Square by Michael Hall. In this story, a perfect square is altered in a different way each day – crumpled, torn, hole-punched or cut into ribbons. When the various transformations take place, the square turns […]

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MS Art Elective Update – November 2015

Students in the Middle School Art Elective class recently finished creating recycled paper bowls from discarded magazines. Currently, they are currently making drawings featuring a blind contour drawing of the hand, with an Op Art background. A blind contour drawing is one in which the artist looks carefully at the object they are drawing, but without […]

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4/5 Art Update – November 2015

Our fourth and fifth grade students made really interesting collages, inspired by the abstract collages of Henri Matisse. Some students made representational images, of things like horses, action heros or camper trailers, while others made non-representational designs. Images are soon to come on Artsonia. Since the wrap-up of the Matisse-inspired collages, the 4/5 Art students […]

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2/3 Art Update – November 2015

Art with the second and third graders has been a really exciting time this month. Students have made landscape sketches demonstrating their understanding of foreground, midground, background and horizon line. They have also mixed many colors of paint, using a combination of black, white, primary and secondary colors. They have drawn landscapes on big paper, and […]

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