2/3 Art – Food Portraits, Inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo – June 2015

2/3 classes learned about the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and viewed a power point on his famous portraits, which were painted, but created using different foods! We talked about how the paintings trick the eye, and when you squint at them, you see a person’s face, but when you look up close at the details, you notice that the faces are made of things like fruits, vegetables, and grains! Students created their own food portraits using collage; they cut pictures of foods out of magazines to layer and assemble a portrait. Each student created a face with eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, and either a neck and shoulders, or an entire body. They were also encouraged to add fun things for more detail, such as eyebrows, mustaches, hats, jewelry, etc.! The students really enjoyed the humor in this project, but also learned a great deal about assembling a collage and creating an unconventional portrait!



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