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K/1 Art – Rainbow Birdies – June 2015

K/1 art students finished the year by doing a quick, but fun and cute drawing and painting project where we got to review colors. Throughout the year, we have discussed warm and cool colors, as well as primary and secondary colors. With this artwork, they put it all together by drawing six adorable little chicks […]

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2/3 Art – Food Portraits, Inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo – June 2015

2/3 classes learned about the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and viewed a power point on his famous portraits, which were painted, but created using different foods! We talked about how the paintings trick the eye, and when you squint at them, you see a person’s face, but when you look up close at the details, […]

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MS Art Elective – Stippling on the iPad – June 2015

In the winter semester of the Middle School Art Elective class, students had the opportunity to create various kinds of artwork using the iPads. After studying what stippling is (the application of more or fewer dots to show changes in value), students created their own examples of the art style.

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