4/5 Art – One Point Perspective Aspen Trees – December 2014

Students in 4/5 Art spent several class sessions making these beautiful aspen tree paintings, while learning about one-point perspective. First, they drew a vanishing point and drew pairs of lines to the vanishing point to make tree trunks. Then they masked off the tree trunks and watercolor painted the sky around the tree trunks. Once the sky was dry, they carefully removed the masking tape and used sponges and cotton swabs with yellow and red tempera paint to create a variety of warm colors for autumn leaves. Finally, they added details to their trees using permanent markers, then added shadows to their trees, again using watercolors.

Watercolor is an interesting medium, in that the artist may achieve so many different effects, depending on how much or how little water is used. Although the students used basically the same techniques, each painting is as unique as the students who made them. You really get the sense of standing in a grove, gazing up at the autumn leaves above.



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