4/5 Art – Victor Vasarely Optical Illusions – June 2014

4/5 students learned about the artwork of Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, and his work with optical illusions. Vasarely would often use geometric shapes and forms, combined with light and shading, to “trick the eye” into seeing something that appears to be “moving,” or 3-Dimensional when it is in fact, 2-Dimensional. Students drew a large circle in the center of their paper, which quickly became a “sphere” after we added the skewed lines to give the circle the illusion of being 3D. We then gave the background a “flat” look by measuring squares, and creating a “checkerboard” type pattern with 2 colors (or more, in a few cases) of markers. Some vine charcoal added a light shade to one side of the sphere, and we turned a 2D image, visually, into a 3D image!



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