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MS Art Elective – Animal Portraits in Pencil – December 2014

Middle School Elective students learned how light, shadow, and texture work together by using artist pencils to create a realistic animal portrait on paper. Students first experimented with the different types of pencils (pencils with “b” leads are soft and show up darker, pencils with “h” leads are hard and show up lighter) by created […]

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MS Art – Zentangle Animals – December 2014

Based on what they discovered while creating Zentangles, Middle School Art students drew Zentangle animals. As with the smaller-format Zentangles, students drew an animal on large paper using pencils, then divided that animal into sections. Students then filled each section with patterns, using fine point permanent markers. Finally, if time allowed, they painted their animal […]

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4/5 Art – One Point Perspective Aspen Trees – December 2014

Students in 4/5 Art spent several class sessions making these beautiful aspen tree paintings, while learning about one-point perspective. First, they drew a vanishing point and drew pairs of lines to the vanishing point to make tree trunks. Then they masked off the tree trunks and watercolor painted the sky around the tree trunks. Once […]

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K/1 Art – Pinch Pots – December 2014

K/1 students got an opportunity to try their hands at sculpting, when they made pinch pots. First, we discussed what a pot is, and how different pots can be used. Then, using Model Magic, a sculpting compound that is fun to play with, students made a variety of pots. After letting them dry for a […]

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MS Art Elective – Ephemeral Art – October 2013

In the fall, Middle School Art Elective students examined artwork by Environmental artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson. We then went outside and took advantage of the beautiful resources of the High Point property by creating ephemeral artworks that would eventually return to the earth.

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2/3 Art – Warm & Cool Pastel Landscapes – October 2014

2/3 Art students learned about the basics of perspective and landscape, using warm and cool colors, and drawing with tools other than pencil in this lesson. They reviewed warm and cool colors and discussed basics of perspective (how two objects of a similar size can look either larger or smaller depending on how close up […]

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4/5 Art – Victor Vasarely Optical Illusions – June 2014

4/5 students learned about the artwork of Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, and his work with optical illusions. Vasarely would often use geometric shapes and forms, combined with light and shading, to “trick the eye” into seeing something that appears to be “moving,” or 3-Dimensional when it is in fact, 2-Dimensional. Students drew a large circle […]

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MS Art – Papier-Mâché Animal Heads – May 2014

In Middle School Art, students explored 3-D art through papier-mâché. They began by making 3-view (top, side and front view) drawings of an animal, mixed beast or imaginary creature of their choice. They followed that by using newspaper and masking tape to craft an armature for their beast. Next, they covered their sculpture with strips […]

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4/5 Art – Mixed Beast Tunnel Books – April 2014

In 4/5 Art, students did scientific research toward preparing for their project. They discussed animal adaptations in nature, including body coverings (such as spotted fur or white feathers), body parts (such as long legs or hooked beaks), and behaviors. We then read the book “Mixed Beasts” by Kenyon Cox and Wallace Edwards. Using what they […]

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