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K/1 Art – Kandinsky-Inspired Paintings – December 2013

In K/1 Art, we examined paintings by the artist Wassily Kandsinsky (1866 – 1944). Kandinsky painted lines, shapes and color while listening to music. Like Kandinsky, we listened to music while we painted. Our paintings took three weeks to achieve the layered look you see.

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MS Art Elective Update – October 2013

 In the Middle School Art Elective, we are focusing on environmental art. We have begun with the ephemeral art of Andy Goldsworthy, and have been going outside to explore and create on Honey Creek grounds.

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MS Art Update – October 2013

In Middle School, students are in the process of drawing portraits of people using the traditional oval shaped face with standard proportions. Soon they will be asking critical questions about individual and unique facial proportions and drawing self-portraits using mirrors. We will then compare and contrast the first drawing with the second. Finally, we will […]

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4/5 Art Update – October 2013

4/5 students have been examining and talking about the abstract collages of Henri Matisse and making their own abstract collages, which will eventually become the covers of their in-class sketchbooks.

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2/3 Art Update – October 2013

The 2/3s are beginning a unit on landscape in which they are learning the basic elements of western landscapes. They will be painting their own landscapes, mixing and experimenting with color.

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K/1 Art Update – October 2013

In K/1, students are working on a series of exercises in which they are beginning to learn about the elements of design, starting especially with color, line and shape. They’re currently reviewing warm and cool colors and learning some art techniques, such as wax resist using crayons and tempera paint.

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September 2013

Hello,  Honey Creek families and friends. I am delighted to be on staff this year as the new art teacher. I earned my Post-Baccalaureate teaching certificate in Visual Arts Education from Eastern Michigan University and have spent as much time in the classrooms of Honey Creek as possible since then. I have already had a […]

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