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2/3 Art focuses on the continued introduction of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students create projects that focus on various artists, cultures, and literature. Students are exposed to a variety of media and artistic themes.


Monthly Updates

  • Look who’s checking out the mural in B-wing hallway!




    B-wing hallway

    K/1s, 2/3s, and 4/5s having been working on a collage mural to add some spring to our school.

    k/1s and 2/3s added some beautifully painted flowers.
    4/5s painted small creatures to visit the garden.

    Middle school is finishing up their houses in Sketchup.com

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  • 2/3 Art Update – December 2015

    Middle elementary art students have worked very hard over the last several 23_IMG_5671weeks, building many skills. First, we examined landscape paintings from different art periods. Students identified features of landscape paintings, including horizon line, foreground, midground and background. They also recognized that objects that were lower in the picture and larger appeared to be closer than ones that are higher on the page and smaller. This creates an illusion of depth in a flat space.

    After practicing mixing colors, reviewing the concept of perspective and making sketches to demonstrate their understanding of landscapes, students painted their own landscape paintings. The only colors they started with were white, black, red, blue and yellow. Notice the beautiful variety of colors and textures they created with only those five colors!

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  • 2/3 Art Update – November 2015

    Art with the second and third graders has been a really exciting time this month. Students have made landscape sketches demonstrating their understanding of foreground, midground, background and horizon line. They have also mixed many colors of paint, using a combination of black, white, primary and secondary colors.

    They have drawn landscapes on big paper, and are beginning to paint, using only the primary colors, white and black. With their understanding of color mixing, and the ability to ask their neighbors for help, they can paint midnight skies, sunny skies, fluffy clouds, and many varieties of bright, light, and dull green grasses. This is a long process that will probably continue through December, but I will post photos of artworks, as they begin to finish.

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  • 2/3 Art Update – October 2015

    The 2/3s are beginning a unit on landscape in which they are learning the basic elements of Western landscapes. They will be painting their own landscapes, mixing and experimenting with color. For example, students will not get green paint to make their landscapes, but will experiment with a variety of blues, yellows and other hues to make their own perfect grass color.

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  • 2/3 Art – Food Portraits, Inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo – June 2015

    2/3 classes learned about the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and viewed a power point on his famous portraits, which were painted, but created using different foods! We talked about how the paintings trick the eye, and when you squint at them, you see a person’s face, but when you look up close at the details, you notice that the faces are made of things like fruits, vegetables, and grains! Students created their own food portraits using collage; they cut pictures of foods out of magazines to layer and assemble a portrait. Each student created a face with eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, and either a neck and shoulders, or an entire body. They were also encouraged to add fun things for more detail, such as eyebrows, mustaches, hats, jewelry, etc.! The students really enjoyed the humor in this project, but also learned a great deal about assembling a collage and creating an unconventional portrait!



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  • 2/3 Art – Native American Art – Moccasins – January 2015

    As part of a series of Art lessons that integrated with their Social Studies lessons, 2/3 Art students made moccasins and birch bark containers out of construction paper.

    We discussed how Native Americans used the natural materials around them, always taking care to use their resources as respectfully and efficiently as possible. We looked at images of moccasins and containers. Finally, we walked through the steps of how to turn a 2-dimensional object, like paper, into a 3-dimensional object, like moccasins or a container.

    In order to make these projects, students had to follow a long series of steps that included cutting, folding, drawing and gluing. The results are wonderful!



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  • 2/3 Art – Warm & Cool Pastel Landscapes – October 2014

    2/3 Art students learned about the basics of perspective and landscape, using warm and cool colors, and drawing with tools other than pencil in this lesson.

    They reviewed warm and cool colors and discussed basics of perspective (how two objects of a similar size can look either larger or smaller depending on how close up or far away they are viewed). They also reviewed how in a landscape drawing or painting, the earth and sky appear to touch each other at the horizon line. They were then shown a demonstration on how glue bottles can be used as a drawing tool. This created the outlines for their landscapes, which they colored in with warm and cool oil pastels. Students chose whether to make the sky in warm colors and the ground in cool colors, or the sky in cool colors and the ground in warm colors. The results were both colorful and well designed!



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  • 2/3 Art Update – October 2013

    The 2/3s are beginning a unit on landscape in which they are learning the basic elements of western landscapes. They will be painting their own landscapes, mixing and experimenting with color.

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