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Later elementary is busy wrapping up the year!  There will be many wonderful ways to see our work at curriculum celebration. From science you will see Fantasy Food Chain writing and artwork.  Students spent time learning about food chains and transferred this knowledge to create their own food chains –some even have mythical creatures!  As […]

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In later elementary we are very much looking forward to spring!  This will give us the opportunity to do some observational writing and read in nature more comfortably. In science, we are spending the spring on physical science! We started off with a bang, literally, at our assembly with Cranbrook Science on the Go!  The […]

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March finds later elementary students working as busily as bees!  We’re excited to celebrate our hard work with a field trip on March 14.  We’ll be traveling to the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra to experience a lesson Garry has been preparing us for during music time.  In the afternoon we’ll travel to the University of […]

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The students are working hard at wrapping up our study of the “Life of the Environment!” It’s been a really great unit, meshing the life sciences with the study of waves and energy.  We’ll be wrapping up and completing our big project, a digital poster of how energy is transfered through the environment.  The focus […]

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Fourth and fifth graders are currently working on persuasive writing!  They are learning about the elements of persuasion; finding an issue, taking a point of view, using evidence to support their claim, and examples that prove the evidence.  They will be working on some smaller pieces of writing, leading up to a larger piece of […]

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Happy Fall!  We would like to thank all of the parents who took time to meet with us for Parent/Teacher/Student conferences.  As we have been getting to know your kids throughout the first months of the school year, it was really nice to be able to meet with you to set the tone of expectations […]

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The 4/5th graders are off to a stellar start!  In science, we are learning about living things and how they sense their environment!  We’ve studied organisms, looking for details about their structure and how that helps them succeed in their environment.  We’re also looking at the environment, and how organisms respond to it.  Coming up….  […]

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Later elementary student were very proud of the work they were able to show off at curriculum night!  Thanks to all who came and supported the students– a special thanks to those of you who listened to our wax museum figures! As the year draws to a close there are many more celebrations to be […]

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Can you believe there are less than two months to go in this school year?!  It doesn’t mean things are slowing down though!  In later elementary students are going to be wrapping up Mstep testing, completing the maturation curriculum and digging even deeper into our last units. Literature finds us wrapping up Roll of Thunder, […]

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Later Elementary has been tackling a lot of challenging topics since returning from winter break.  In literature we are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor.  This has brought up a lot of issues of equality, discrimination and justice.  We’ve examined Jane Elliott’s work with the blonde eye/brown eye experiment which […]

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