Later elementary is busy wrapping up the year!  There will be many wonderful ways to see our work at curriculum celebration.

From science you will see Fantasy Food Chain writing and artwork.  Students spent time learning about food chains and transferred this knowledge to create their own food chains –some even have mythical creatures!  As the year concludes, students are studying waves and energy and having fun with a lot of hands on activities.

State projects abound in social studies!  Students have been working to prepare the presentation of all the information they have acquired during this project.  You will see a political map, brochure about a national or state park in their state and a road trip through their state.

Literature book projects are looking amazing as usual!  Everyone chose a just right mystery book and created a book in a bag or art and poetry portfolio.  You won’t be able to look away as you check out the creativity!  As the year comes to a close, students are working on their myth, tall tale or fable retelling project.  Some will be volunteering to act this out at the curriculum celebration as well!

A final exciting piece coming up is our 5th grade Tamarack trip.  5th graders will be gone June 7 and 8 to celebrate a successful later elementary career!  4th graders will be staying at school and preparing to become our later elementary leaders.


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