In later elementary we are very much looking forward to spring!  This will give us the opportunity to do some observational writing and read in nature more comfortably.

In science, we are spending the spring on physical science! We started off with a bang, literally, at our assembly with Cranbrook Science on the Go!  The students were excited with all of the large laws of motion demonstrations presented to them.   There was a hovercraft, a large version of a Newton’s Cradle, lots of super demonstrations with volunteers, a trebuchet, and a controlled explosion – that was everyone’s favorite!  The presenter was very well versed in physics and did a wonderful job working with the children!  In class, we are working with waves.  We used a parachute to give my little rubber fish a ride, and in the process, brought out a lot of knowledge the students have about related topics. We’ll be doing lots of hands-on experimenting and using inquiry to bring out the principles of physics!  Mechanical energy, laws of motion, and related topics will be our focus throughout the end of the year!

Literature finds students nearing the end of Maniac Magee.  We have had some intense discussions about racism and prejudice and students are sad to see the book end.  We are also gearing up to focus on our myth, legend and folktale retellings.  These are great projects where students take on a role in their story and then act it out for the class.  These performances are recorded and will be shown at curriculum celebration and some students may choose to perform live!  Finally, mystery book projects are well under way and will be on display at curriculum celebration as well!


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