The students are working hard at wrapping up our study of the “Life of the Environment!” It’s been a really great unit, meshing the life sciences with the study of waves and energy.  We’ll be wrapping up and completing our big project, a digital poster of how energy is transfered through the environment.  The focus of the poster is how do we, as organisms, sense the energy in the environment.  The unit focused on how the brain is really the processor for all of our sensory systems, the students really enjoyed the inquiry atmosphere.  They are great thinkers and problem solvers!

 In Social Studies, our kids have been finishing up the our unit on Latitude and Longitude and have begun work in our U.S. Regions Unit.  Our main focus is to help the students understand how these regions are defined via differences in: climate, geography, economics, landforms, resources, and historical events.

The students have also been assigned their U.S. State for their upcoming State Project.  This project is enormous… and they are really excited to get started. This project has many components that work across our entire curriculum, and will take close to five months to complete. Please look for an email within the next week or two to help understand and be familiar with the pacing, deadlines, assignment expectations, etc.
Literature finds us looking at a new book, Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli.  Students will love this tall tale that tells a timeless story of love and acceptance shattering stereotypes and prejudices.


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