Fourth and fifth graders are currently working on persuasive writing!  They are learning about the elements of persuasion; finding an issue, taking a point of view, using evidence to support their claim, and examples that prove the evidence.  They will be working on some smaller pieces of writing, leading up to a larger piece of writing that will persuade their readers.  We will be working on a persuasion simulation in conjunction with our science studies, as well!  The simulation involves considering developing some of the property around Honey Creek, and the different sides to that issue.

In science, we are learning about how our body’s sensors pull energy from the environment and make sense of the information through our brain.  It is an amazing process! We are doing a joint project with Jessica to develop digital posters that show how waves and chemicals bring information to our body, and how our brain can interpret those messages. We’ll be moving on to considering more about our brain and wrapping up with some work to learn more about our effect on the environment and other organisms around us.  This ties into the persuasive simulation above!
Literature finds students having just finished reading Hoot.  It was well loved by all!  We are celebrating by watching the movie (so we can compare and contrast the story) and having a pancake party celebration on Monday, December 18.  We are all looking forward to this treat!
Later elementary will also be going on their first field trip on Wednesday, December 20.  They will be seeing a one woman play that explores three women’s journey to Michigan throughout three different decades.  They will also get to enjoy a guided tour of the Detroit Historical Museum.


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