Happy Fall!  We would like to thank all of the parents who took time to meet with us for Parent/Teacher/Student conferences.  As we have been getting to know your kids throughout the first months of the school year, it was really nice to be able to meet with you to set the tone of expectations and goals for the year.

In Social Studies, 4/5 students have been finishing up their Autobiography Landforms project.  They are excited to show them to you at curriculum celebration in January.  From there, we have been moving on in our geography/mapping unit to learning about latitude and longitude.  This includes a large scale “Battleship”-type game between the classes.
In science, we are continuing to learn about how organisms sense the environment around them and what it is in the environment that they are sensing. We are talking about chemical energy, electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy and the structures organisms have that sense these. Specifically, this week, we will be studying the eye. On Nov. 8th, we’ll be doing a very structured and supported dissection in order to study this structure.  We’ll move onto modeling the way organisms sense, how our brain interprets the energy signals and onto thinking about the human effect on the environment.
Hoot continues to be an engaging book that is keeping us wanting more!  We are a little more than halfway finished.  Students will be making their own Hoot glyphs to reflect on their own opinions of the book when finished.  In addition, in literature, students were also just assigned their first book project.  They will be selecting a fantasy book and creating a scrapbook to go along with it.  Look forward to seeing these at curriculum celebration in January!


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