The 4/5th graders are off to a stellar start!  In science, we are learning about living things and how they sense their environment!  We’ve studied organisms, looking for details about their structure and how that helps them succeed in their environment.  We’re also looking at the environment, and how organisms respond to it.  Coming up….  how are our senses like sensors? We’ll be studying the way organisms take in energy from the environment and react.  The eye will be studied in detail, culminating with a very carefully planned dissection.  We’ll work under the direction of Sandi Little, a veterinarian and parent at our little school!  Adults will work directly with children on this project in order to get the maximum learning experience. The children have been excited about this since day one of this year!

In literature students are fully immersed in Carl Hiaasen’s novel Hoot.  We are about halfway through and some students are having a hard time refraining from reading ahead since it’s such an engaging story!  This book has offered a plethora of new vocabulary words as well as opportunities to discuss author choice and voice.  Each class is also reading another book by Carl Hiaasen which has given opportunities for students to make comparisons between his characters, themes and plot lines.

Landforms have ruled the day in social studies!  Students have created landform study guides and are now engaged in creating their landform autobiographies.   Look for these creative works of art at our winter curriculum celebration!

Math finds many upper elementary student digging deep into the foundations of math.  Numeracy and place value are essential to a deep understanding of mathematics, and we are working hard on not only calculations, but understanding of numbers,patterns, problems and multiple ways to solve them. Flexible thinking is encouraged and we are looking at the why of math in order to promote a real love of math and the processes!  We love our growth mindsets!


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