Can you believe there are less than two months to go in this school year?!  It doesn’t mean things are slowing down though!  In later elementary students are going to be wrapping up Mstep testing, completing the maturation curriculum and digging even deeper into our last units.

Literature finds us wrapping up Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  This book has kept students riveted!   Look for some reflective projects at curriculum celebration.  There, you will also see students’ science fiction book projects.

The Earth has been a huge piece of our learning in science this year.  Everything can be tied to it.  If you have time, check out some of the student’s work using the USGS website of 3D photos of the National Parks.  We incorporated writing and language arts standards along with our science standards to look at a formation and determine how it was formed and what will happen to it in the future.  It was exciting to wear 3D glasses for a professional simulation.  Mysteries are what geologists solve!

We will be tying together the technology and engineering project that Jessica has been working on, Wigglebots!  Energy and electricity will be our course of study for a short bit before ending with our journey into space!  Again, we’ll be tying reading standards into science standards, for more close reading of non-fiction materials as well as labs and activities.  It seems fitting to hit the final frontier as we look to wrap up the school year!
In 4/5 Social Studies, we are deep into our Three Cultures unit, studying how European, African, and Native American influences affected colonial history.  We have almost come full circle now in our year.  Having started with foundational information on units of Government, the Revolutionary War, and Early Colonial History— we moved back in time then to help the students understand the leading issues, back-stories of those units. Be sure to take a look at our maps and historical timelines at the May Curriculum Celebration!


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