Happy New Year!
Later elementary will be moving and grooving as we enter the new year.  The first few weeks we’ll be putting the final touches on some of our curriculum celebration projects and sharing the work that we’ve done with our classmates.
Geology rocks!  Literally!  In science, we have been studying how our planet operates and changes from the inside out!  Now, we are going to learn about what makes up the rock material, the rock cycle and how the landscape we live with changes!  We’ll be doing some labs and having some guest speakers come in to enrich our learning of the topic.
Literature will be busy with book projects and the second half of Hatchet.  This gripping novel has students on the edge of their seats and they can’t wait to finish!
Map making has been a big hit in social studies!  Thank you so much for the support to purchase the detailed maps so students could each have their own copies to work with.  They’ve been excited to explore them!


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