We are excited to share that November will bring about our first later elementary field trip of the year!  On November 16 we will be visiting the Henry Ford Museum to view a movie celebrating and teaching about our country’s National Parks.  From there, we will travel to the River Rouge plant for a tour.  This will nicely supplement our upcoming curriculum about  Michigan’s economy–past and present.

In language arts we are continuing to dig into some of the conventions of writing.  Some upcoming topics will be more on apostrophes and quotation marks.  Once we finish these foundational skills, we will move on to individualized phonics packets.

Literature finds us wrapping up our poetry unit–be sure to check out the gorgeous poetry books at curriculum celebration!  From here, we will be beginning to read Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet and introducing the fall book project–adventure!

Science Rocks!  In science, we are beginning our unit about the planet we live on, Earth!  I am thrilled that the Michigan Science Standards have brought a lot of the study of Earth science into our grade level!  So, we’ll be spending a nice amount of time learning about how our planet works, the materials that form it, how the face of our landscape changes and the forces involved.  We hope to involve the National Parks in our study, as they are often the best examples of the topics covered.  Note to fourth graders:  there is a terrific program currently, called “Every Kid in a Park” through the National Park Service.  Fourth graders can get into National Parks free and there are special incentives for them.  Check out https://www.everykidinapark.gov/  for more information!


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