In later elementary we are still figuring out how this weather is working!  It’s hard to plan for how to dress when things are varying so much and it’s such a mild winter so feel free to just keep winter gear in lockers for those super cold days.

In language arts all students are studying the art of persuasion.  In class students are writing persuasive essays which you can look forward to reading at our spring curriculum celebration.  Topics range from who to vote for in the election to why kids should be allowed to wear hoods during the school day.  It’s great to see everyone challenge themselves to understand the other sides of arguments and prepare rebuttals as well.


Literature finds us starting our next class novel, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.  Students are reading and reflecting on the many topics introduced here: homelessness, prejudice, discrimination, segregation and community.  Concurrently, they have identified a myth, tall tale, legend or fable to work with and, eventually, perform at our retelling showcase.  These fun performances will be recorded and on display at curriculum celebration as well.

In science, it has been an exciting few weeks!  We have wrapped up our simulation about the (false) rumor about a housing developer wanting to build houses in the fields around the playground and school.  Their presentations were wonderful and persuasive!  We continue to think about how organisms receive information about their environment, thinking about the types of energy that are present in our environment.  Students have worked on inquiry lessons about how we take this energy and process it into information in our brains. The sheep eye dissection was part of this inquiry.  We are moving onto a quick study of the brain!  Students are excited about our upcoming study of chemistry and physics, as we work through the second semester!




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