Math Resources for Homework Practice

This site is in its preliminary stages. Please be patient!  Report any issues to Tammy.

Fat Bat  Game to print and play.  As described, this works on addition skills and probability.  You can adapt it by using 2 dice and multiplying.

CommonCorePlaceValueMathGame   Game to print and play.  Many levels in here that work on place value (2nd grade version) and addition/subtraction (3rd grade version).  You need a 10-sided die or there are many random number generator apps.  http://www.random.org/

ReflexMath  Our favorite on-line site for math facts practice.  Your child will need their teacher’s username and their own password.

Khan Academy  Online instruction and practice in a wide variety of math topics. Your child’s use can be linked to your teacher as her/his coach.

CoinCollector  A game to play with your coins. Works on coin recognition and adding.  (Written by a former student.)

Countdown  A game you play with digitcards or playing cards.  Works on 2nd grade addition/subtraction skills.

Greg Tang Math  A variety of math games.   Depending on the level you select, most games are appropriate for 2nd and 3rd grade.





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