HBON 2-3 Middle Elementary

The 2-3 students are deep into researching their animal of choice for science. We are learning how to take notes by using graphic organizers and identifying important facts that answer questions. We are learning how to develop a topic sentence and adding additional sentences to support the topic while using proper capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. After students complete their rough draft, they will either hand write or type a final draft. We have explored how birds use their beaks by participating in an experiment using a variety of tools (eyedropper, clothespin, tweezers, and a fork) to pick up objects in different scenarios. This helps our students to have a better understanding how animals adapt to survive in their habitat. For social studies our focus is learning more about different biomes (habitats) through our read aloud series by Jean Craighead George, “One Day in the life of … (rainforest, grasslands, tundra, and desert). We are having discussions about the climate and weather as well as various landscapes, animals and types of plants that live in these regions. Our math has been a focus on reading, writing and solving story problems, fractions and place value. On April 27th, the students will be taking field trip to the Howell Nature Center. Howell Nature Center requires that each student returns a permission slip to their teacher by April 20th, without that slip students will not be able to go.   The 2nd graders will be taking the State of Michigan Benchmark Assessment on Monday, April 9, April 10, & April 17.


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