2-3 HBON Middle Elementary

The 2-3 students have begun to research about an animal of their choice. They are learning to identify important facts and how to take notes. A discussion of plagiarism and the importance of putting our facts into our own words has been covered by all three of the classrooms. We continue to work on our CAFE strategies and wrapped up our unit on opinion writing. For math we are working on place value, linear measurement through an activity where we used cars or clay marbles and pool noodles, and we will be going back to fractions where we will learn how to add and subtract fractions and identify equivalent fractions. Our read aloud will be based on the Jean Craighead George series, “One Day in the Life of..” (Rainforest, Tundra, Woods, Desert, and Prairie). Our students will be completing various activities that go along with the books to help have a better understanding of the habitat and climate of each of the regions. We will be reading a book about wetlands and completing activities to go along with the topic as well.


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