Middle Elementary 2nd/3rd HBON

The second and third graders went on a field trip to learn more about the Ann Arbor Community. We visited Mayor Chris Taylor’s office to learn more about the role of the Mayor’s office in our community. Then we walked to the Ann Arbor Public Library to learn about the history of Ann Arbor and how it is changed over time. From the library we walked over to the county courthouse to learn how the judicial system works in our community with Judge Patrick Conlin.  Our day was wrapped up by a visit to West Park where we ate our lunch and played. Since communities is our theme for this semester, we will begin to design our make believe community. This will encompass three different communities: rural, urban and suburban. Students will be put into groups and they will design a 3 D model of a community that includes all of the characteristics of the community they have been assigned. We will incorporate area and perimeter into this project as well as 2 and 3 D shapes. We are finishing up introducing various mathematical concepts and will focus more on linear measurement as well as time and money.  Our third graders will be taking the TerraNova, a standardized paper and pencil test (as required as one of the two school assessments to show growth) the week of November 6th.We will begin a STEM challenge activity and coordinating this with a written piece during the month of November.  We plan to have a friendship activity on Wednesday, November 22nd with some fun craft activities. Students will be making muffins on Tuesday, November 21st and we will come together after lunch on Wednesday to share having pie or muffins. There will be no homework or spelling Thanksgiving Holiday week.



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