2-3 HBON: October 2017

For the month of October, the 2-3 students will begin to listen to our read aloud, The City of Ember which fits nicely with our How Things Work in our community theme. We are learning about what makes up a community and the importance of services that go along with a community. To help make a richer connection about our community, on Monday, October 30th the 2-3 classes are taking a field trip to the Ann Arbor Mayor’s office to learn more about how our local government works; the Ann Arbor District Public Library to learn more about Ann Arbor’s past and the changes in time over the community and to the Circuit Court to learn more about the judicial system. From there we will travel to West Park to have lunch and time to play. The 2-3 teachers are introducing short mini units on the following math concepts: operations, time, money, measurement, fractions and geometry. Later in the semester, we will dig deeper into each of these units. Our science is the focus of weather, plants and Earth’s processes.



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