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September 19th **NEW DATE** Parent Curriculum Night

                    23rd Walk-N-Run-A-Thon

October 6 Picture Day AND Count Day

               13 Conferences

               20 Conferences AND Fall Festival

Welcome to our class!!

Planners came home for the first time today!! Please help your student remember to bring it back tomorrow.

We’ve made some changes around here this year partly based on our curriculum. This year we will study communities and how they work. To go along with that we are going to have community supplies and shared places to keep things in. The chair pockets were wonderful while they lasted but after a good run they were retired this year. Our students will share the responsibility of keeping supplies in the appropriate place and in working order. We will also keep our folders in community bins around the room. In addition, we do not have cubbies this year so students will use their lockers more this year.

Outside of our room we have a place to keep gym shoes, snack bags, and slippers. We have already noticed a lot of mud being tracked into the room after recess so if you haven’t sent in something for your child to wear while inside please do. Inside shoes can be any footwear that they do not wear out of the building (not just slippers). If you ever need assistance getting the necessary materials for your child please contact me and we can make arrangements.

Benchmark assessments for 2nd graders begin tomorrow morning. These aren’t the kind of assessments that we study for so please just make sure your student has enough sleep, a good breakfast, and healthy snacks. I try to keep standardized, state-wide assessments very low-key in here so that everyone stays relaxed about it. While the 2nd graders are taking the Benchmarks the third graders will all be together studying math.

We LOVE birthday treats in our class. This year we have some allergies so please contact me before the date so that we can make alternate arrangements for our friends.


Sometimes just thinking of a topic to write about is the biggest problem. With that in mind I have asked students to bring in a few (no more than five) pictures from the summer or some place or event that they could tell a story about. If printing the pictures is difficult from home you can send them to me electronically and I’ll print them out mbassett@hc.wash.k12.mi.us


As a class we’ve been working on our reading stamina and the students are doing a great job! We will continue to work on stamina (how long each student can sit and read independently) all year but we’re off to a great start. For our read aloud time we have read some “picture books” and we have started our first “chapter book”. Some of the titles we’ve read are I am a Booger, Treat me with Respect by Julia Cook, you can imagine what that one is about; Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino and Thank-you Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco, both about acceptance and how to treat others; and our chapter book is No Talking by Andrew Clements, it’s about getting along with others. So far in our story, A boy named Dave has to do a report about India and learns about Mahatma Ghandi. He decides that he is going to go a whole day without speaking since Ghandi did that. Dave is normally a very chatty person and loses his cool and says something rude to Lynsey, a girl in his class. Our next chapter is called The Contest we’ll read it tomorrow.

Now that we’ve all gotten to know each other a bit, individual reading assessments will begin this week. These are just times that students read a passage to me and I record their reading levels. Since I already know where they ended last year these should be relatively easy (she says confidently…).


While continuing to get to know each other, we are going to do some measurement activities, math fact assessments, and learn some math fact games to play. We started our Jumpstarts last week and will continue to work on those throughout the year. Jumpstarts give students an opportunity to practice mathematical concepts that they have learned or are learning in short periods of time. We typically do one section each day for the week. After the planner message is complete and before we start our day.


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