Salli’s Monthly Blog: March 27th

Mark Your Calendars!

Tuesday, March 28th Half Day 8-12:00 p.m. Aftercare available

Spring Break begins Monday, April 3-7th (No Homework)

Monday, April 17th State Benchmark Assessment begins for 1st & 2nd Graders

Friday, April 21st Earth Day Celebration

Tuesday, April 25th Field Trip to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum 8:30-2:30

Thursday, April 27th Half Day 8-12 p.m. Aftercare available

Wow! April is going to be a very busy month. Please mark your calendars accordingly. I am requesting that all boots go home at the end of the day on Friday before the break. They will be doing some work in my room, removing the cabinets and sink and replacing the with all new! I am hoping that at the end of the year, I can take some time to paint my classroom. I will most likely be looking for volunteer assistance but more about that in the future.

Language Arts

We have wrapped up our small moments and are beginning to work on narrative stories. The students are focusing on a setting, characters, problem, events and a solution. We will be incorporating all of the components such as capitalization, punctuation, proper spelling, grammar, details a good lead and concluding paragraph. We continue to read Erie Trail West and learning about how Michigan changed during that time period and how the Erie Canal changed the economy of Michigan. We are still working on focusing on the main idea for non- fiction text. I appreciate having your child continue to use Raz-Kids and answering the comprehension questions per book that he or she reads so that I can continue to monitor which skill areas of reading I need to work with your child on. Your child should have brought home a t-shirt that says Engineered in Ann Arbor Kids A-Z. This was a free t-shirt given by the Learning A-Z representative, Kelly Bowles, who also gave our 2-3 team free licenses to use Raz-Kids, Science A-Z and Writing A-Z. We would like the kids to wear their t-shirts to the next field trip.

Math/Science: We have wrapped up our Balobby unit of perimeter and area and are moving on to linear measurement that is integrated with or Force and Motion Unit for science. We experienced what force is by building paper airplanes and testing the distance using a variety of variables. We will continue to explore more with Force and Motion through various experiments to get us ready for the upcoming field trip as well as building a boat with Jessica during Technology. You will get to experience  some of the experiments during our Curriculum Celebration in May. In addition to the science experiments, I have been integrating STEM experiments periodically to allow kids to become more hands on and explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math. In addition to linear measurement, we are working on regrouping with subtraction, basic math facts and I will be introducing the importance of skip counting when learning multiplication facts.

Benchmark Assessments: Our second graders will be taking the online benchmark assessment beginning the week of April 17th. They took this test in October and the state will be looking for growth during this period. The third graders will begin the M-Step online testing the week of May 1st. While I am not a big advocate for standardized testing, we are required by the WISD to participate. As always, it is just one of the multiple measurements we use to assess academic growth with your child. Any questions you have about the state online testing, please contact Al.

Fruit Bowl/Extra Snack: Thank you to those of you who fill out our fruit bowl weekly. I have noticed that the kids are growing like weeds and have voracious appetites. Please don’t hesitate to send in extra snack with your child as sometimes their lunch is just not enough.

Thank you to everyone who attended your child’s conference. We will continue to work on the goals we discussed and as always, if you have any further questions or concerns, I am happy to set up a time to meet with you.

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