Salli’s A-10 Monthly Blog: February 28th

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March 3rd March is Reading Month begins

Friday, March 10th conferences 1/2 day of school *

Friday, March 17th conferences 1/2 day of school*

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Language Arts

In addition to the continuation of our CAFE strategies during Daily 5, we are working on narrative writing based on a small moment. Small moment narrative writing is based on a specific event during a specific setting, time, that includes details and dialog. The students are working on one an event that they have experienced and we are concentrating on bringing our writing to  life by providing a variety of vocabulary and details while maintaining the specific moment of the event. After we are finished with editing and revising and we will publish our piece using google docs. Next week, we will begin our new read aloud titled Erie Trail West by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. This book is about the Erie Canal and how it contributed to the changes in Michigan with immigration of new settlers.

Math/Technology Integration

We are exploring more with geometry and integrating technology with a 3 dimensional shape project. Students worked in table groups to create a 3-D shape based on one of the following: cube, rectangular and triangular prisms, pyramid and hexagonal prism. Students are able to identify the number of faces, edges and vertices of their shape. The groups then took pictures of actual objects they found around the school that represent a variety of shapes and will incorporate what they have learned by developing a story board and making an IMOVIE project during technology class. We will also explore more with the following vocabulary terms: parallel, angle, perpendicular, ray and intersect. In addition to geometry, we are working in  another project using area and perimeter to design a floor plan for a Balobby figure (Lego figure). We continue to focus on a variety of strategies to learn our math facts as well as visiting what it means to regroup with problems that use addition (carry ten ones to the tens place) and in a week or two, I will introduce and revisit regrouping math problems that use subtraction. One of my favorite phrases with subtraction is “More on the floor, go next door.”

Social Studies/Science

Social Studies: We have wrapped up our unit on government and will continue to look at some of the explorers and the impact it made on Native Americans of Michigan as well as immigration and the problems that not only the settlers faced coming to a new land, but the problems that Native Americans faced due to treaties that forced from their land. We will discuss how the Native Americans were forced to assimilate into a society that they had no knowledge of and how the culture of Native Americans of today are maintained so that there is no confusion about the past and the present for clear understanding. Science: We will begin to work on force and motion as well as magnetism by reading informational text, and performing various science experiments during the months of March and April. The students will also be working with Jessica in Technology to build a boat that has to float and move with specific requirements.


As you are all aware, our weather has been out of the norm, it is greatly appreciated when you make sure your child has the proper outdoor wear for recess.

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