Salli’s Bi-Weekly Blog: January 9th

Dates to know in January 2017:

January 9th school resumes

January 13th: Winter Break Reading/Math Challenge due

January 16: No school Martin Luther King Holiday

January 20th: Curriculum Celebration 5:00-7:00 p.m. Come see what your child has been working on!

January 25th 1/2 day of school 8-12 Care is available. (Records)

Language Arts/Social Studies:

For the next two weeks, our main focus is to wrap up our independent projects for the Curriculum Celebration. We will also be writing an informational report based on our projects and how it ties into what they have learned during the first semester. For our writing, we are focusing on a good introduction that introduces our topic as well as adding supporting details, proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and a concluding sentence. We will continue to work with our write/rights for grammar and mechanics of writing as well as independently responding to our read aloud discussions.

We will also have guided reading sessions in preparation of Martin Luther King Jr. and the upcoming holiday. We will be focusing on compassion, empathy and being kinder than necessary while building respect for all in honoring diversity.

After the curriculum celebration, we will begin to focus on immigration and how it affected the Native Americans as well as transportation and the Erie Canal. We will also include force and motion for math by reading and performing various experiments. These two units will help pave the way to our next project, building a boat to correspond with our learning about the Erie Canal and force and motion.


We will continue to work on time and money as well as introducing the properties of math: associative, commutative and distributive,  and begin to introduce regrouping steps with multi-digit addition problems and continue to work with addition and subtraction problems up to a 1000. During our centers we will work on our basic math facts and integrating more practice with linear measurement.

Homework: Beginning the week of January 16th all second graders will have a short writing homework assignment. It will begin with writing a one paragraph summary of a text they have read that will include the who, what, and when. Look for a graphic organizer to assist your child with this assignment. We will continue to build these skills through various homework assignments by adding more a little at a time. Third graders will be expected to continue with this assignment but adding more details to their summary. If you have any questions about this assignment, please be sure to email me.

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