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Chapter 1. Monthly Newsletter

  • HBON 2-3 May

    The 2-3 students are presenting an animal research project that has been the focus of our science unit. The students learned how to identify important facts using graphic organizers, and then composing their information into a report. Art and Technology were integrated with art being the illustration of their animal and green screen presentations for technology where students talk about their research. Our field trip to the Howell Nature Center was wonderful with a focus on learning and seeing live animals that had feathers, fur and scales. We then got to go to the pond to learn more about water quality and what types of aquatic macro invertebrates that live in the habitat that show how clean the water is. The mayfly is a big indicator that the water quality is excellent, so while we didn’t find any mayflies, we did find damselflies that indicate the water quality was good. Overall we had good weather and a great time!

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  • HBON 2-3 Middle Elementary

    The 2-3 students are deep into researching their animal of choice for science. We are learning how to take notes by using graphic organizers and identifying important facts that answer questions. We are learning how to develop a topic sentence and adding additional sentences to support the topic while using proper capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. After students complete their rough draft, they will either hand write or type a final draft. We have explored how birds use their beaks by participating in an experiment using a variety of tools (eyedropper, clothespin, tweezers, and a fork) to pick up objects in different scenarios. This helps our students to have a better understanding how animals adapt to survive in their habitat. For social studies our focus is learning more about different biomes (habitats) through our read aloud series by Jean Craighead George, “One Day in the life of … (rainforest, grasslands, tundra, and desert). We are having discussions about the climate and weather as well as various landscapes, animals and types of plants that live in these regions. Our math has been a focus on reading, writing and solving story problems, fractions and place value. On April 27th, the students will be taking field trip to the Howell Nature Center. Howell Nature Center requires that each student returns a permission slip to their teacher by April 20th, without that slip students will not be able to go.   The 2nd graders will be taking the State of Michigan Benchmark Assessment on Monday, April 9, April 10, & April 17.

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  • 2-3 HBON Middle Elementary

    The 2-3 students have begun to research about an animal of their choice. They are learning to identify important facts and how to take notes. A discussion of plagiarism and the importance of putting our facts into our own words has been covered by all three of the classrooms. We continue to work on our CAFE strategies and wrapped up our unit on opinion writing. For math we are working on place value, linear measurement through an activity where we used cars or clay marbles and pool noodles, and we will be going back to fractions where we will learn how to add and subtract fractions and identify equivalent fractions. Our read aloud will be based on the Jean Craighead George series, “One Day in the Life of..” (Rainforest, Tundra, Woods, Desert, and Prairie). Our students will be completing various activities that go along with the books to help have a better understanding of the habitat and climate of each of the regions. We will be reading a book about wetlands and completing activities to go along with the topic as well.

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  • 2-3 HBON Middle Elementary

    The Middle Elementary students have been working very hard to learn about communities. They can identify an urban, suburban and rural community. Back in October, they took a trip to the Mayor’s office, the Ann Arbor District Library and the Courthouse to learn the importance of how the government works in the city, to learn about the history of Ann Arbor and to hear from Honorable Judge Conlin about how the judicial system works. Through reading about different types of communities, we wrote fictional stories about a community that included a setting, characters, problem and a solution using the writing process. Students took their knowledge to the next level by working together to create a 3 dimensional community that has all the components of that specific community. Math was integrated by learning about 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and finding the perimeter and area of their building shape.

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  • Middle Elementary 2-3 HBON

    The Middle Elementary students are very busy working on their community projects. They are planning and designing blueprint maps of their communities as well as writing fiction stories to go along with their community. The students were divided into three groups: urban, suburban and rural. Math is integrated with 3 dimensional geometry and linear measurement that includes area and perimeter. We are learning about landforms and performed an experiment to have a better understanding of how weathering plays a role in the development of landforms. We have wrapped up our read aloud The City of Ember and are beginning the next book in the series The People of Sparks. A special thank you to our volunteers who either came in to bake muffins with our students or helped guide our friendship fun activities the day before Thanksgiving Break.

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  • Middle Elementary 2nd/3rd HBON

    The second and third graders went on a field trip to learn more about the Ann Arbor Community. We visited Mayor Chris Taylor’s office to learn more about the role of the Mayor’s office in our community. Then we walked to the Ann Arbor Public Library to learn about the history of Ann Arbor and how it is changed over time. From the library we walked over to the county courthouse to learn how the judicial system works in our community with Judge Patrick Conlin.  Our day was wrapped up by a visit to West Park where we ate our lunch and played. Since communities is our theme for this semester, we will begin to design our make believe community. This will encompass three different communities: rural, urban and suburban. Students will be put into groups and they will design a 3 D model of a community that includes all of the characteristics of the community they have been assigned. We will incorporate area and perimeter into this project as well as 2 and 3 D shapes. We are finishing up introducing various mathematical concepts and will focus more on linear measurement as well as time and money.  Our third graders will be taking the TerraNova, a standardized paper and pencil test (as required as one of the two school assessments to show growth) the week of November 6th.We will begin a STEM challenge activity and coordinating this with a written piece during the month of November.  We plan to have a friendship activity on Wednesday, November 22nd with some fun craft activities. Students will be making muffins on Tuesday, November 21st and we will come together after lunch on Wednesday to share having pie or muffins. There will be no homework or spelling Thanksgiving Holiday week.


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  • 2-3 HBON: October 2017

    For the month of October, the 2-3 students will begin to listen to our read aloud, The City of Ember which fits nicely with our How Things Work in our community theme. We are learning about what makes up a community and the importance of services that go along with a community. To help make a richer connection about our community, on Monday, October 30th the 2-3 classes are taking a field trip to the Ann Arbor Mayor’s office to learn more about how our local government works; the Ann Arbor District Public Library to learn more about Ann Arbor’s past and the changes in time over the community and to the Circuit Court to learn more about the judicial system. From there we will travel to West Park to have lunch and time to play. The 2-3 teachers are introducing short mini units on the following math concepts: operations, time, money, measurement, fractions and geometry. Later in the semester, we will dig deeper into each of these units. Our science is the focus of weather, plants and Earth’s processes.


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  • Middle Elementary 2nd/3rd grade blog/HBON


    May 1-4th: Third graders will take the M-Step

    Curriculum Celebration: Friday, May 19th 5-7 p.m.

    Language Arts:

    Students have been working on fiction/creative writing and using the writing process to edit and revise drafts. Some classes are working on small moments and keyboarding. During Daily 5, students are working on parts of speech, identifying topic sentences and main ideas and word study. Our current read aloud books are The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, Professor Tuesday, by Jeffrey Schatzer and Cinderella Stories from around the world.

    Math: The 2-3 students continue to work on their math facts, and fractions which is applied to money and time, regrouping problems and identifying the clue words in story problems in order to solve which they demonstrate understanding through pictures and step by step problems.

    Social Studies:

    We are focusing on immigration and the history of the Erie Canal and the economic impact and how the immigrants changed history and relationships with Native Americans of Michigan. We will be moving forward with the types of resources that Michigan and the Great Lakes provide.  We continue to review about rules and how they make us safe by tying in the three branches of government.

    Science: Force and motion is the basis of our science unit. We are integrating  this with Technology classes as the students build boats and test them. Students are learning what the term, “work” means as well as, “push, pull, gravity and buoyancy”. We visited the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum to attend a Science Works program on Force & Simple Machines. It was a great time had by all! Our next unit will be learning about magnetism and how it ties into force.

    Second Grade Benchmark Assessment Results: Look for these results in your child’s Friday folder. If you have any questions, contact your child’s teacher.

    Curriculum Celebration:

    Please join us to see all the different projects your child has participated in for the second semester.

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