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Chapter 1. Monthly Newsletter

  • 2-3 HBON: June 2017

    The 2-3 students are wrapping up the year with assessments, reviewing fractions, facts, time, money and solving story problems. We have been reading The Tale of Despereaux, Pippi Longstocking and Cinderella Tales from around the world. We are beginning our unit on magnetism and for Social Studies we are wrapping up our units on immigration and how this resulted on the variety of industries that were developed in Michigan.

    A goal for our 2nd and 3rd grade students is that all of them will not go down that slippery slope we call the “summer slide.” We encourage that our students read, write and practice their facts over the summer to maintain fluency and mastery.

  • Middle Elementary 2nd/3rd grade blog/HBON


    May 1-4th: Third graders will take the M-Step

    Curriculum Celebration: Friday, May 19th 5-7 p.m.

    Language Arts:

    Students have been working on fiction/creative writing and using the writing process to edit and revise drafts. Some classes are working on small moments and keyboarding. During Daily 5, students are working on parts of speech, identifying topic sentences and main ideas and word study. Our current read aloud books are The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo, Professor Tuesday, by Jeffrey Schatzer and Cinderella Stories from around the world.

    Math: The 2-3 students continue to work on their math facts, and fractions which is applied to money and time, regrouping problems and identifying the clue words in story problems in order to solve which they demonstrate understanding through pictures and step by step problems.

    Social Studies:

    We are focusing on immigration and the history of the Erie Canal and the economic impact and how the immigrants changed history and relationships with Native Americans of Michigan. We will be moving forward with the types of resources that Michigan and the Great Lakes provide.  We continue to review about rules and how they make us safe by tying in the three branches of government.

    Science: Force and motion is the basis of our science unit. We are integrating¬† this with Technology classes as the students build boats and test them. Students are learning what the term, “work” means as well as, “push, pull, gravity and buoyancy”. We visited the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum to attend a Science Works program on Force & Simple Machines. It was a great time had by all! Our next unit will be learning about magnetism and how it ties into force.

    Second Grade Benchmark Assessment Results: Look for these results in your child’s Friday folder. If you have any questions, contact your child’s teacher.

    Curriculum Celebration:

    Please join us to see all the different projects your child has participated in for the second semester.

  • HBON 2-3


    The 2-3 students have been very busy learning about the Native Americans and the fur trade with the French and how it impacted history. They were able to participate in a simulation trade fair to get the feel of what it means to trade and barter. We were even voyageurs too! This will help us understand more about voyageurs when we attend a field trip on Friday, December 9th to the Michigan History Museum in Lansing, Michigan. The students will be able to tour and participate in a program that focuses on the fur trade and the voyageurs. We continue to use our CAFE strategies and integrating writing with our informational reading during our Language Arts block. In math we are working on time, money and practicing our math facts through centers and games.

  • HBON 2-3

    For the month of October we have been reading about the Native Americans of Michigan during our CAFE workshop and our read aloud is Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich. Our focus for math concepts are fractions, geometry, money and math facts. We are learning about properties of materials through various experiments.

  • HBON 2-3

    The 2-3 students have been working on routines and independence for the month of September. We focused on filling out our planners and completing any seat work. In Language Arts we worked on reading for stamina and learning about our CAFE strategies. In Math, we have introduced brief concepts before we dive deeper into the following areas, measurement, fractions, geometry and basic math facts. We have explored these concepts through hands on and game activities. In Social Studies we are focusing on Michigan geography and landforms and for Science we have learning about Earth’s processes.