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Chapter 1. Monthly Newsletter

  • 2-3 HBON


    January 2017

    HBON 2-3 Level

    The 2-3 students have been very busy learning about the Native Americans and the fur trade with the French and how it impacted history and are creating projects that represent what they have learned. They are also writing an informational piece about these projects and how the project ties into the topic they chose to represent their learning. We continue to work on our CAFE skills through Daily 5 as well as editing and revising our informational writing. In math are practicing our math facts through games and Reflex Math as well as identifying time and finding elapsed time. We are solving addition and subtraction problems up to 1,000 and working on mental math, solving story problems by identifying key vocabulary terms and working with math problems using money.

  • HBON 2-3


    The 2-3 students have been very busy learning about the Native Americans and the fur trade with the French and how it impacted history. They were able to participate in a simulation trade fair to get the feel of what it means to trade and barter. We were even voyageurs too! This will help us understand more about voyageurs when we attend a field trip on Friday, December 9th to the Michigan History Museum in Lansing, Michigan. The students will be able to tour and participate in a program that focuses on the fur trade and the voyageurs. We continue to use our CAFE strategies and integrating writing with our informational reading during our Language Arts block. In math we are working on time, money and practicing our math facts through centers and games.

  • HBON 2-3

    For the month of October we have been reading about the Native Americans of Michigan during our CAFE workshop and our read aloud is Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich. Our focus for math concepts are fractions, geometry, money and math facts. We are learning about properties of materials through various experiments.

  • HBON 2-3

    The 2-3 students have been working on routines and independence for the month of September. We focused on filling out our planners and completing any seat work. In Language Arts we worked on reading for stamina and learning about our CAFE strategies. In Math, we have introduced brief concepts before we dive deeper into the following areas, measurement, fractions, geometry and basic math facts. We have explored these concepts through hands on and game activities. In Social Studies we are focusing on Michigan geography and landforms and for Science we have learning about Earth’s processes.